Matthew S. Harris                                   2700 Temple Drive                                                                                               Davis, California 95616



Master of Business Administration       

Emphasis on Technology Management and Management Information Systems

Graduate School of Management, University of California at Davis, Expected June 2007


Bachelor of Science in Genetics

University of California at Davis, December 2000




A maverick of computer-based technology focused on exploiting the full potential of the computer for 100% user productivity.  Resourceful professional interested in improving the performance, stability and reliability of the product. Self-motivated project director with a strong understanding of current technological practices as well as an imagination for innovation.




Network Administrator and Systems Architect

Crocker Nuclear Laboratory, University of California at Davis, 1998 - Present


Implemented and continue to maintain an 11 unit Windows Server farm, 5 DEC VAXStations, 65 Windows-Based Terminals, and 15 Windows 9x/XP computers, as well as supporting over 100 users across 6 buildings and 5 departments who utilize the laboratory’s Terminal Servers.


               Leading the Windows Server 2003 migration from Windows NT.  Converting a 9-member Windows NT farm into a 6-member Windows Server 2003 farm for improved manageability and fewer points of failure.

               Completely removed all 60 client computers in favor of thin clients and terminal services.  Saved approximately $100,000 annually in computer maintenance and upgrades.

               Teamed with three other coworkers to minimize downtime and bolster security by employing redundant and backup systems; the laboratory has remained virus free for 7 years running.

               Improved communication with customers of varying skill levels to promote faster problem resolution; established protocols for dealing with server and application issues to cut turnaround time by 33%.

               Organized, directed, and oversaw the laboratory’s network upgrade; created one of the fastest networks on campus utilizing fiber optic backbones with throughput reaching over 50MB/sec.


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional

Windows Server: Terminal Services, 2002 - Present


               Encouraged customer loyalty to Microsoft products through my participation and quick problem resolution in customer support newsgroups for terminal services and remote desktop; made up to 50 posts a day.

               Interfaced with Program Management team to provide feedback, report bugs, and discuss customer issues.


Biological Sciences Webmaster and Systems Support Technician

Evolution and Ecology, University of California at Davis, 2000 – 2001


               Supported 20 Windows NT computers, later converting three over to Windows 2000 Server.


Teaching Assistant for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Drosophila Genetics Laboratory

Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of California at Davis, Fall 2000


               Nominated by students and later awarded the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award for 2000.




               Technically reviewed Windows® Server™ 2003/2000 Terminal Server Solutions: Implementing Windows Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 3.0, 3rd Edition, by Todd Mathers.

               Own and operate game hosting business catering to Quake III Arena; currently 60 game servers.

               Support personal servers and software development web site aimed at obtaining modification feedback for online games.