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    Disable the X box on the Terminal Services Client
    Change the client version of the Terminal Services Client
    Add the clock to the taskbar through the registry
    Make all processes appear in the Task Manager through a registry hack
    Prevent disconnects and stabilize your terminal services connection
    Fix your TSAdmin application when it becomes nonfunctional on the taskbar
    Disable/Enable all terminal services logons through the registry


    Restrict users to one session and reconnect them
    Share the redirected printer automatically
    Map your client's printer to an LPT port
    Rename client redirected printers
    Restrict users to only one terminal services session
    Automatically connect disconnected users back to their sessions
    Force software license compliance through a script
    How to reset all your TS sessions at once

Hard to Diagnose Problems

    Incorrect IE permissions can disable opening new IE windows

Web Site News Archives

Topic: Added Links page
Date: 10.22.03

Compiled a few useful links and created a 'links' page for them. If you need a piece of software or the location of some, you might check there. If you have a good link, please post it.

Topic: New tutorial to fix TSAdmin
Date: 10.16.03

Wrote and uploaded a new tutorial on how to fix your TSAdmin application in case it gets stuck on the taskbar and becomes nonfunctional.

Topic: New reghack tutorial to stabilize network connections
Date: 10.14.03

Posted a new tutorial on how to stabilize your terminal services network connection and prevent disconnects using a few simple registry hacks.

Topic: Updated the mstscax.dll hack to change client versions
Date: 9.25.03

As requested, I updated the mstscax.dll hack to change the mstsc client version to take into account the new XP SP1 version of the file.

Topic: Installed new shoutbox
Date: 9.10.03

Brought up a new and improved shoutbox so people can chat with each other about TS-related problems.

Topic: Added in script to reset all terminal services listeners
Date: 7.08.03

Finished and posted the quick tutorial about how to reset all your TS connects at once.

Topic: New License Compliance batch script
Date: 7.07.03

Added a new tutorial about how to track licenses for programs using a batch script.

Topic: New Task Manager registry hack
Date: 6.06.03

Added a new tutorial about how to make all the processes on a terminal server show up in the Task Manager, even if the user doesn't have administrator privileges.

Topic: Fixed a few downloads
Date: 6.04.03

Found a few bugs in batch script downloads, and have fixed them so that all downloads are now compressed zip files (and that saves bandwidth too).

Topic: Updated the MSTSC hack
Date: 5.13.03

Updated the client version hack to the terminal services client (mstsc.exe) to include build 3790, which comes with Windows Server 2003.

Topic: New hack
Date: 5.12.03

Added a new registry hack to enable the taskbar clock through the registry.

Topic: Added new section
Date: 5.02.03

Added a new section dedicated to troubleshooting hard to disagnose problems on a terminal server.

Topic: Added Scripts
Date: 4.07.03

Added two scripts, one to connect the user automatically to their disconnected session, as well as ne to restrict users to only have only terminal services session.

Topic: Sorta-Grand Opening
Date: 4.01.03

Although the articles may need a little bit of editing, I've posted them anyways just to get the word out.

Topic: New Layout
Date: 3.26.03

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