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    Disable the X box on the Terminal Services Client
    Change the client version of the Terminal Services Client
    Add the clock to the taskbar through the registry
    Make all processes appear in the Task Manager through a registry hack
    Prevent disconnects and stabilize your terminal services connection
    Fix your TSAdmin application when it becomes nonfunctional on the taskbar
    Disable/Enable all terminal services logons through the registry


    Restrict users to one session and reconnect them
    Share the redirected printer automatically
    Map your client's printer to an LPT port
    Rename client redirected printers
    Restrict users to only one terminal services session
    Automatically connect disconnected users back to their sessions
    Force software license compliance through a script
    How to reset all your TS sessions at once

Hard to Diagnose Problems

    Incorrect IE permissions can disable opening new IE windows

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Web Site News

Topic: TS client version hack updated for SP1
Date: 04.05.05

Edited the client version hack again for Windows Server 2003 SP1.

Topic: TS client version hack updated again
Date: 03.29.05

Big thanks for Chris Smout for sending me a copy of the Windows Server 2003 SP1 RC2 RDP client. I edited the client version hack accordingly.

Topic: TS client version hack updated
Date: 08.19.04

By request, the TS Client vesion change hack was updated since the new XP SP2 is out.

Topic: Another new tutorial
Date: 02.13.04

Added another tutorial and script on how to allow your users to only have one session, and to force them to reconnect to that session if they become disconnected from it.

Topic: New tutorial
Date: 02.12.04

Wrote a new tutorial about how to map the default client printer to LPT1: automatically. Also posted a related tutorial on how to automatically share your client's default redirected printer.

Topic: Bulletin Board
Date: 02.06.04

Added a bulletin board onto the website, since the shoutbox doesn't seem incredibly conducive to helping people.

Topic: New Script
Date: 02.04.04

Created a stepthrough tutorial for the printer renaming script.

Topic: Updated the shoutbox
Date: 01.15.04

Improved and updated some of the PHP codes that controlled the shoutbox.

Topic: Edited the disable terminal services logons hack
Date: 11.13.03

Changed the disable terminal services logons hack to include another way to disable or enable logons on Windows Server 2003.

Topic: New hack to disable terminal services logons
Date: 11.07.03

Wrote a new registry hacking tutorial on how to disable all terminal services logons to your server.

Mission Statement

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